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Kayika Yoga & Ayurveda was born in the Himalaya where thousand-year-old traditions bring everyone who follows them to reconnect with his deepest being.  


Kayika Yoga & Ayurveda offers Individual Ayurvedic Counseling, Introductory Courses to the concept of Ayurveda, Personalized Yoga classes based on your constitution and Retreats in peaceful and natural places with breathtaking views! 

Each of these services are delivered by a professional Yoga teacher and Vedic Counselor whose dedicated to give you the opportunity of discovering your hidden potential and of improving  your physical and mental Well-being.


Advices and counseling are always personalized, according to your constitution, your everyday life, your tastes, your needs, your desires.


 Kayika Yoga & Ayurveda helps you find the appropriate diet and lifestyle that will help you achieve your Optimal state of Well-being.

Retreats & Trips

Courses & Counseling


Based on your Ayurvedic diagnostic results a  Hatha Yoga instructor will guide you to discover which asanas (postures) are best for you.

An individual Ayurvedic counseling session with a counselor will give you the opportunity to discover your Body/mind type and to benefit from personalized advises to improve your overall well-being.

Through these initiation classes you will understand Ayurvedic knowledge and technics to feel better in your everyday life

“Bene is a warm, thoughtful, and skilled ayurvedic counselor. I have learnt how important is to balance body, mind and soul through the Ayurveda world. I am in deep gratitude for this precious gift.”

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